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Experiences, trials & opinions

The Bergsteiger company boasts plenty of satisfied customers. A few customers have provided us with their thoughts and experiences on our prams, which we would like to present to you here. These are genuine reports of the personal experiences and trials of our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot publish all of these reports. Nonetheless, your positive experiences delight us. And even where problems arise, we find a solution – guaranteed.

I’m thrilled. It all worked very quickly and without any issues. I was delighted with the Bergsteiger Milano as early as our very first outing because it really goes over rough and smooth, which is always a problem with other prams, as their wheels get caught, and then you cannot get any further without help. The suspension is so good that even a bit of meadow can be crossed without any problems. As we have a lot of forest paths and meadows here and I have to take the dog out every day, the Bergsteiger Milano pram is the perfect one for us.
Petra B. from Otzberg
We opted for the Bergsteiger Milano pram because it struck us as the ‚full package‘ at a very good price. This has proven to be the case for us, too. A particular advantage is that the seat unit is simple to attach, and the whole converting the pram is really easy to manage. The suspension, too, is unbelievable. It is a pram of exceptionally good value and can only be recommended to others.!!
Alfons N. from Jebach
Right from the off, we liked the visuals, the exclusive colour options and the stable design. It was shipped in no time, and delivered reliably. The pram moves very well and the individual functions are easy to operate. The accessories are extensive and the price/performance ratio is perfect. We would choose a Bergsteiger (Milano) again without hesitation.
Anette J. from Großburschla
We went for the Bergsteiger Milano pram because it has an attractive look and the value for money is excellent. Our expectations have been fully met. The pram is very well equipped and has a great selection of colours. Special mention should be given to the quality and the wide range of combination options, including accessories. We are satisfied with the purchase in every respect.
Lutz B. from Angermünde
My parents gave us the Bergsteiger Venedig pram as a gift when our child was born. We spent a fair bit of time looking at different models on the Internet beforehand but fell in love with this buggy immediately. Its nice, bright colours – which do not have a chilly effect like white, however – and its smart, big wheels meant that the decision was no longer a difficult one to make. The pram totally met our requirements upon delivery. The large package of accessories makes it even more attractive. All the attachments can be put on the chassis easily and without any issues. I am a mum, and I can load it into the car easily and drive off alone shopping with our little one. The suspension is terrific. Bumpy paths in the woods no longer present an issue for the baby. The steering is also very simple with the large pneumatic tyres. We would recommend it to any soon-to-be parents who fancy a little bit more nostalgia and charm.
Anna A. from Oranienburg